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Picking a Great Niche For Site Flipping

Picking a Niche for Site Building - ImageWebsite flipping is one way an Internet marketer can make money. They build a site, usually making it a WordPress blog, fill it with content and graphics, and monetize it several ways. Next they list it for sale on a site such as Flippa and while they are waiting for bids, they start creating their next niche site to flip. This can be quite lucrative if done right.

If you want to start flipping, one of the biggest things to consider is your niche subject. It makes no sense to put all your hard work into building a site that no one wants to buy, right? So it’s important to pick a niche that SELLS, not one YOU find interesting to work in. Save the topics you’re passionate about for sites you want to create and keep, unless of course, you’re lucky enough to really like a topic that does sell. But generally, throw the passion idea out the window when it comes to building sites to flip.

Some people pick a specific niche based on the fact that they have lots of PLR on that subject to use for content. While PLR can be a huge time saver, you’re still going to use your valuable time setting up the blog, putting the content on it, and getting it ready to sell. That time is wasted if the niche isn’t the right one and no one wants to buy your site.

The best way to pick a niche for your purposes is to do some research on sites such as Flippa. It’s easy enough to find the sites that have sold – just look it up on Flippa. Then start a spreadsheet where you can list the subject of the sites that have sold and how much they sold for. You might also want to include how old the site was, how many posts (content) were on it, and the different ways it was monetized (such as AdSense, ad space, ClickBank, own digital product, etc.)

As you compile your information, you will begin to notice certain topics that sell better than others. You don’t really have to know WHY; you just have to know which topics. And it can change over time, so do your research quarterly or so.

Currently, here are the topics that sell well, in no particular order:

weight loss
dog training
site flipping
making money online

But don’t take my word for it, do your research and see what you come up with. Website flipping can be fun and profitable for those who like to create new blogs but don’t want to continuously keep them up. If this sounds like you, pick a niche with the help of the above information and get busy.

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