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Start-Up Coaching

Starting your VA business can be difficult.  There are so many questions and so many different answers to be found online, in social media group and amongst your friends and peers.

I have over 15 years experience ‘in the business’ and doubled my revenue each year for the first five year of my business when I hit 6 figures.  I have since consistently stayed over six figures and my growth has ranged from 20 – 45% yearly.  I have the knowledge, experience and education to get you started moving in the right direction.

Take advantage of my ‘mini’ coaching for starting your Virtual Assistance business.  Here’s what you get:

  • 2 hours of one-on-one coaching via Skype or telephone (can be used in 2 x 1 hour or 4 x 1/2 hour) where I will:Elayne Whitfield, VA Industry Expert
    • answer your questions
    • provide advice and guidance on any topics that you choose
    • strategize with you in regards to next steps.
  • Templates that are invaluable as you start your business
  • sample contracts and letters
  • spreadsheet for simple ‘bookkeeping’ in the start-up phase
  • copy of my e-book on Successfully Responding to RFPs

The templates, contracts and e-book are EASILY VALUED at $147 and, in fact, many have paid that much for them.

When you commit to this mini coaching program, I am including those plus the 2 hours of coaching; all for $247.  That’s a minimum 40% discount.

What I can promise is that this coaching will be invaluable and will get you started off on the right foot, moving towards the success that you’re hoping for.