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Facebook Coaching

I am a Certified Social Media Specialist and have been working with Facebook for 8 years.

If you are new to social media and Facebook in particular and need some coaching around planning or implementing your Social Media plan or just your Facebook page but you really want to do it yourself,  I can help!

I offer 2 Coaching Packages in this area:

Facebook Coaching – $97

This package is for those who are just venturing into the world of Social Media and want to create only their Facebook presence.  Package includes coaching training from beginning to creation of personal and business Facebook page that is fully optimized and customized.


Social Media Coaching – $297

This package is for those who need to catch up and implement an entire Social Media plan

  1. Initial consultation
    • What are your goals in social media?
    • What have you done and what do you still need to do?
    • How much time can you devote to implementing your plan?
    • Competitive analysis
  2. Complete Social Media action plan including
    • set-up steps
    • daily, weekly, monthly action items
  3. Design support for 3 customized, optimized social media pages (i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Google+)
    • step-by-step instructions
    • telephone support

Coaching Options:

$279.00 (Cdn) or 3 monthly payments buynow