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How To Successfully Respond to RFPs


You can’t Build a VA business without new clients.

What better way to get new clients is there than responding to RFPs?  These clients are already qualified.  You already know that THEY need YOU.  Now how do you convince them that YOU are the VA they NEED?

Grab my e-book on How to Successfully Respond to RFPs!

I’ll take you, step-by-step through the entire process and at the end you will have the tools to respond to those RFPS -SUCCESSFULLY!!  You will also get the opportunity to have my one-on-one coaching through your next proposal preparation.

If you’ve ever responded to an RFP and NOT been given the job, you need to buy this e-book.

When you sign your FIRST client that came to you via the RFP process, you will have paid for this $17.00 (CDN $) book – 3 or 4 times over – in your first hour.