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Not a Writer? Find Out How to Create Content As IF you ARE a Writer!

If we’re going to be really honest about it, most people don’t like writing. And even people who like to write find it very difficult to get started.

As a writer, I’ve done a lot of research on writing and other writers, and the statements above are absolutely true.  A very famous, successful mystery writer (I think it was James Patterson) said that there’s no such thing as writer’s block – writers just don’t like what they write.

Nevertheless, we all need content for our businesses as much as we ever did.  Sure, there are more ways to display content than there used to be – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, but everything still starts with content.

The short solution to problems you have with your writing is to just write anyway.  Get it on the page.  Don’t worry about it.  You can fix it all with proofreading and editing.  But you can’t fix what isn’t there.

That’s the first tip, a big one.  All writers say the same thing – the famous ones, the rich ones, the prolific ones – if you’re having trouble getting started, the secret to creating content is first to get it on the page

The purpose of this ebook is to show you some of the best things out there today to help you create content and to show you some evergreen methods that will always be current because good writing demands them.

As a business owner who needs content, you can either write your own or outsource it.  Each option presents its own problems and solutions.  In this ebook you will learn some techniques to make your own writing more enjoyable or to pass on to your writers to increase their productivity.

You’ll also learn (or receive a refresher course) about how to write in different venues like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.  Last, you get the briefest review of the most common grammar, punctuation, and usage mistakes.

For more information check out my e-book:  Writing Your Way to 6 Figures.  It’s only $17 and have over 40 pages of information that will turn content creation from chore to a delight!!  Plus you get a FREE Writers online resource guide (A $49 value) when you purchase.

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