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3 Tips for Crafting an Effective, Tweet-able Message

Twitter bird logoFew social networks encapsulate public discussions more effectively than Twitter. Thanks to its condensed nature and enormous audience, a single topic or thought can often evolve into a completely natural case study for marketers. Be it immense disapproval or the enormous success of a single meme, Twitter offers a unique look into the heart of any conversation.

Given this amazing resource that is Twitter, how can you make these conversations happen to suit you, regardless of your particular product, sales team, or industry? While it’s very difficult to create a conversation out of nothing, especially when a product or service is inherently uninteresting, it’s very easy to optimize a discussion so that it spreads throughout the social media landscape like wildfire.

Apply these three tactics to your next Twitter promotion, compare them against your past experiences, and realize how a few creative copywriting tweaks can enhance your social media ROI.

1) Learn to love the ‘…’

Add an ellipsis to the end of your tweets and you stand to experience a 20% increase in click-through traffic. This timeless tweak has been used by performance marketers for decades, both online and off. Whether you’re tweeting a message or advertising a product on Adwords, this simple tweak can help you instantly increase the amount of readers who visit your linked page.

2) Use numbers, instructions, and summaries

Numbers catch the eye; instructions can increase involvement; and summaries attract users looking for information, particularly those who are looking to better understand a particular topic. These Twitter tricks were all mastered by copywriting professionals years ago, and they’re still just as effective today. Use them if you’re not doing so already and you’ll see an increase in traffic.

3) Get people scared, and promote distrust

In order to increase the amount of time that readers spend thinking about your product, it’s important to project a situation where they wouldn’t normally be thinking about it. If you want to increase the sales of your pest removal product, remind readers about the dangers of bed bugs and how certain companies wouldn’t want you to know about these dangers – especially at around 11:30PM or right before bed time.

Got an investment to pitch? Promote fear in people by reminding them that others could get ahead of them if they choose not to leap at the opportunity. People respond to fear and distrust, even if it’s minute and fairly inconsequential. Use ‘fear words’ in your tweets to draw in readers, and use your additional content to make them familiar with your brand, your company, and your product’s advantages.

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